corporate incentive games and philanthropic team building 


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This event can be completed on or off property and can also include a community aspect with the Optional: Mission Possible – Race for your charity… in which each team will have an opportunity to choose a charity. Donations can be at the discretion of the client.  

We begin this event with each team captain pulling a card.  Should you choose to include the charity element captains will announce their chosen charity at this time.  Team captains will receive an envelope matching their card.  Each envelope contains a passport providing individual team routes).  With passport in hand they will challenges teams as they trot around the famous mountains of Hawaii in this Mission: Possible!   

The challenges/tasks will test your team both physically and mentally.  There are multiple stations with multiple rounds in this event; every team will visit every station. The stations are named after the mountains of Hawaii.

After each task is successfully completed, officials will reward the team members with points and a piece of the puzzle to be used at the finale.  

The team members will need to participate in a team cheer and create a team flag for additional points. All points are accumulated to determine the winner.