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HOE KA WA’A   "Paddle the Canoe"

Our past guests have found their paddling experience with us an exciting and memorable activity, and have greatly appreciated the opportunity to participate in an important part of Hawaii's culture and our state sport!

                                                             corporate incentive games and philanthropic team building 

A fun way to give back to the community through its’ non-profit organizations (canoe clubs), learn a little of our islands culture, and provide your group with a team bonding experience..  The perfect combination for a Team Building!

In recent years the art of "Hawaiian Canoe Racing" has made a popular comeback. Canoe clubs throughout the islands practice regularly, in waterways and on the open ocean, with their specially designed and crafted ocean canoes. This sport still holds true to its original grassroots of teamwork, timing and tons of fun!  

 The islands canoe clubs strive to teach and perpetuate the cultural significance of the canoe, as well as the importance of preserving the traditions of the past.  They are committed to both members and the community at large. They believe that paddling together builds a strong sense of purpose and friendship that is hard to find elsewhere. 


Your teams will be given a brief history of outrigger canoes in the Hawaiian culture along with instruction and supervision in the skill of canoe paddling. Skilled steersmen in each canoe will assist and support teams.

You'll meet down at the beach for a paddling lesson and an introduction to the canoe, which was once used for competitive racing. Each canoe seats five, plus the captain (local steersman), and you'll be assigned a seat and a role in the crew based on your size and strength so that all riders have as much fun as possible.

No matter where you are in the canoe, be prepared to paddle and listen carefully to the guide as you hit the water. They'll shout out instructions to help you quickly get into the best possible position to ride the wave (bump) back toward shore.

Your outrigger race will consist of a number of heats, each heat will have five (5) participants as paddlers per team in each canoe. 

Teams will be given scores for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place for each heat, along with points for a creative team flag.  All points will be combined to declare the winning team of the Outrigger Canoe Race.